Lean Enterprise Consulting and Training

Your enterprise challenges are clear:

  • customer focus
  • quality products and services
  • short lead times
  • on-time delivery
  • process efficiency

To compete, and to deliver on expectations, you strive to be better, faster, and lower-cost. Lean enterprise processes can help you meet and beat these challenges.

Lean enterprise principles are becoming recognized as essential to survival and profits in the 21st century.

  • Can a process be driven by real customer demand rather than by forecasting?
  • Where are the wastes and how can they be eliminated?
  • How can managers and workers work together to improve process and practice?

The answers lie with the Lean enterprise – eliminate waste, continuously improve.

Companies of all sizes, and from all sectors, have achieved remarkable success through Lean process systems. It doesn’t matter if your business is healthcare, office and admin, service, manufacturing, mining, aerospace, food processing, continuous process industry, job shop, high tech, banking and finance, medical technology, or government. Going Lean delivers results. And our Lean consultants can help.

At Automated Learning, we enjoy collaborating with trusted partners and clients in the real-world workplace to deliver solutions that meet their needs. In addition to a wide offering of available Lean training courses, we can also supply expert Lean consulting in planning, developing, and implementing Lean process systems. Through our partners we provide leading Lean consultants and facilitators on-site to help guide your transformation to a Lean enterprise.

Becoming a Lean enterprise is an ongoing journey. We can provide you with the resources to make your Lean journey a success. ALC’s Lean training and certification courses - blended with on-site Lean consulting and facilitation - will help you create and sustain a Lean enterprise culture.

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Lean Production and Training - What can Lean Do For You?

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