Available Course Delivery Options

Course delivery options include:

Computer Delivered Web-Based
DVD Video Delivered courses

Computer Delivery Formats

Online courses can be delivered securely over your network to any computer in your facility, and can also be delivered to any computer in any location with a high-speed Internet connection. Using your corporate Learning Management System (LMS) courses and complete training records can be securely maintained on your server. There are several online alternatives.

Benefits include:

  • Automated registration, tracking, testing, certification – reduced administrative time
  • Flexible online access -"always available" 24x7 across shifts, departments, locations
  • Latest interactive multimedia technology – for interest, engagement and fun
  • Self-paced delivery – improves the efficiency and effectiveness of learning
  • Individual on-demand training – no waiting for a class to be scheduled
  • Reduced language barriers for students – with text + audio + visual + review
  • High quality graphics, video and audio media - optimized for the delivery format
  • Shorter student away-from-work training time – lowers training cost significantly
  • Reduced demand on your expert resources to deliver instruction on "the basics"
  • Standardized training - consistent, accurate, reliable content every time
  • Convenient and easy to use - point and click to learn, it's that simple
  • All courses available under a single license – mix and match flexibility
  • Compliance with ISO and industry standards for training and qualification records
  • Customized content and organization branding "look-and-feel" options are available
Computer Delivered Training Courses
Web-Based Corporate LMS

Many organizations today use a Learning Management System (LMS) to manage registration, course delivery, and record keeping. Our online web-based training delivery is a standards-compliant solution that works with your LMS to deliver courses over your organization’s network.

  • Standard web browser interface on each student workstation (some courses require Flash plugin)
  • Windows or Unix variants supported on student workstations
  • Courses conform to LMS industry standards (SCORM)
  • Your LMS manages registration, course delivery and records keeping
  • Engineering charge applies for LMS course integration
  • Courses can be customized to meet your specific needs
Web-Based Turnkey LMS

The Turnkey Learning Management System (LMS) is a convenient and economical solution for organizations that do not currently use an LMS, but would like to take advantage of the registration, course delivery, and records keeping features an LMS can provide. With the Turnkey LMS you lease off-site server and LMS services sized for your requirements. Courses are delivered over the Internet.

  • We preload the courses you order, and you are up and running quickly
  • Standard web browser interface on each student workstation (some courses require Flash plugin)
  • Access from any broadband Internet connected computer, even from home
  • Your administrator has direct access for LMS registration and records tracking
  • Branding "look-and-feel" options are available to make it "your" learning site
  • Your Turnkey LMS is compatible with other vendor’s SCORM courses as well
  • Minimal impact on your IT support system
  • No capital outlay required, and inexpensive annual fees to lease the off-site LMS

Web-Based Internet

Online Web format courses are also available as a hosted solution with no requirement to install software on your server. Courses are externally hosted on our LMS, and are delivered over the Internet. Students need only receive a user ID and password.

  • No requirement to install software on your server
  • Standard web browser interface on each student workstation (some courses require Flash plugin)
  • Access from any broadband Internet connected computer, even from home
  • Windows or Unix variants supported on student workstations

Web-Based Individual

Web-training courses can also be purchased online for individual or small volume use. Both individuals and companies make use of this option when there is a limited requirement for training. Individuals receive user ID and password within 48 hours of purchase. Web-Based Individual course access is via a standard Internet website link. Courses are delivered via web browser (some courses require Flash plugin).

Courses Available - Web-Based

DVD Video Training

Video training delivery is a convenient solution appropriate for organizations that utilize instructor-led classroom delivery. LearnTech® Lean training videos are designed to support planning and delivery of classroom courses, and are useful for individual training.

  • Ideal for instructor-led group presentation
  • Convenient as individual learning resources
  • Easy to use and designed for audience participation
  • Organized by chapters with discussion questions

These video training courses are perfect for group presentation. Your Instructor can choose to select appropriate material by chapter and pause playback as on-screen questions are asked. This provides an opportunity for group participation and discussion, before the correct answers are revealed.

Each training video is a complete training system that allows your instructors to train, test, verify, and certify that students have understood the content.

Video Training DVD Format

Each Lean video includes a bonus Instructor Resource disk with:

  • LearnTech® Video Training Instructor Guide
  • LearnTech® Video Training Course Evaluation Survey
  • LearnTech® Course Quiz Modifiable student format
  • LearnTech® Course Quiz Instructor Answer and Scoring Key

Video delivery notes:

  • Best suited to instructor-led presentation with interactive group participation
  • Can be augmented with demonstrations and examples from the workplace
  • Requires only a DVD player and television for presentation - LCD screen recommended
  • Does not Require LAN or Internet connection
  • Less interactive for individual delivery as compared to computer-formats
  • Does not include computer-automated registration, scheduling and record keeping
  • Certification testing is via paper-and-pencil and requires manual scoring and records

Courses available - DVD Video