Lead-Free Soldering Training Resources

These courses are no longer available. If you wish to purchase Lead-Free Soldering training, please contact us at info@automatedlearning.com.

International regulatory requirements for lead-free solder in electronic assembly are rapidly approaching and are already impacting the global supply chain. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider, you need to prepare for an inevitable move to a lead-free solder process. Geographically, some areas are more advanced in implementation of lead-free regulation than others, but if you want to participate in international markets, it will not be long before you will need to have lead-free soldering capability. The shift to lead-free solder is not a simple “quick fix” - it requires planning, training, time, and management of key challenges to achieve.

ALC has partnered with Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials, and Business Electronic Soldering Technologies to develop a suite of lead-free soldering training courses in the acclaimed LearnTech® series. These multimedia learning programs include an orientation to lead-free electronic assembly, surface mount (SMT) and lead-free reflow, lead-free wave soldering, and lead-free rework. Press Release

The LearnTech® lead-free soldering training suite is designed for operators, assemblers, technicians, engineers, supervisors, and managers involved in the implementation and operation of lead-free electronic assembly processes.

Lead-Free Soldering Training Courses:

Lead-Free Soldering: Orientation
Lead-Free Soldering: Rework
Lead-Free Soldering: SMT


Video Lead-Free Soldering: Rework 
Video Lead-Free Soldering: SMT 

Lead-Free Soldering Services:

Lead-Free Solder Process Consulting


Assessing the Risks: RoHS Compliance