Lean: Healthcare Yellow Belt Training Program

Course Code: HYB
Delivery: Online
Languages: English

What is a Lean Healthcare Yellow Belt?

A Lean Yellow Belt is an individual with broad training in Lean principles, techniques and tools. The Lean Yellow Belt is well qualified to participate and contribute as a full member of a Lean Kaizen improvement team, and to contribute in a lean work environment. As a Yellow belt, you might be expected to demonstrate leadership, to mentor and assist other team members who have less Lean training and knowledge, but you would not be expected to act as Team Leader until you have gained additional practical experience in applying Lean in a Healthcare workplace setting.

This Lean Yellow Belt Training is a flexible program that offers you the opportunity to learn on-line at your own pace. Upon successful completion, you will receive a Lean Healthcare Yellow Belt Certificate and academic achievement transcript listing the qualification marks for each of your completed courses.


The Lean Healthcare Yellow Belt is comprised of a set of interactive, multimedia, training courses. These on-line courses are intended for all staff including managers, technologists, patient care workers, support staff, and trainers who require comprehensive initial training in Lean to prepare them to contribute in a Lean process workplace.

Requirements for the Lean Healthcare Yellow Belt Certificate

  • Six courses that form the core Lean fundamentals and tools/techniques of a Lean Healthcare practice.
  • Completion of all six courses including assessment testing for each course.
  • A minimum academic mastery level of 80% achieved on all assessment testing.

The cost for the Lean Healtcare Yellow Belt Program includes the six courses, administration fees, certificate and transcript.

You will have access to your courses for one full year.

Lean Healthcare Yellow Belt Program Content

Introduction to Lean Concepts

Value Stream Mapping

Kaizen Events

5S Workplace Organization

Mistake Proofing

Achieving Flow

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