Lean: Healthcare Green Belt Certification Program

Course Code: HGB
Delivery: Online
Languages: English

The Knowledge Vacuum

Knowledge and understanding are critical to the overall Lean transformation process. To support this transformation, key individuals must possess the knowledge and expertise to lead Lean Value Stream Transformations. By earning a valuable credential to enrich their contribution within their organization, individuals gain credibility with not only senior leaders, but also with their peers and subordinates.

Developed in partnership with medical professionals, the Ministry of Health, Lean Advisors, and Automated Learning Corporation, the Online Green Belt Certification is a virtual/remote version of the Lean Advisors On-Site Green Belt Program.

Using our interactive, e-learning courses combined with remote one-on-one Coaching from a Senior Consultant, an Online Green Belt Certification will provide individuals with both the knowledge and the demonstrated capabilities to assume greater responsibility to lead Lean business process improvement initiatives and promote effective cultural change.

What is involved in an Online Green Belt Certification Program?

An Online Green Belt is divided into two distinct elements: Online Training, and Individual Coaching/ Mentoring through a Value Stream Project, chosen by the participant.

To Achieve Green Belt Certification, participants must complete/demonstrate the following:

Phase 1: Online Courses in Lean Theory / Concepts

Completion of six Online Courses with a minimum 80% academic score

"The online lean training tool developed by Lean Advisors has been a very effective way to deliver key training in a very efficient manner. It has really enhanced our education offering, and by letting people go through the modules at their own pace. It has allowed us to reach more people, more quickly, and with more effective outcomes."


Phase 2: Virtual Coaching/Mentoring in Lean Practical Application & Certification

Participants will select a Value Stream Project within their organization and work one-on-one with their Lean Coach to apply and demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Value Stream Charter document to define scope of work and expectations
  • Value Stream Map
  • Kaizen Charters for each Kaizen as per the plan
  • Completed Kaizens with documented results
  • Ability to liaise with senior leadership team
  • Ability to influence staff at all levels

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