Why LearnTech® is your Best Choice for Workforce Training and Certification


  • Your learners have instant access to whichever courses you decide they need.
  • Your company gets standardized certification training that works. You save learner time and administrator time; you save on training costs; you gain flexibility, convenience, and consistency.
  • You control costs and free your trainers to focus on company specific issues rather than on basic, generic information.
  • Administrators have password protected access to student records and other management tools.


At Automated Learning® we work closely with you to provide effective manufacturing training and certification solutions that help you meet your performance challenges.

We believe that a decision to try LearnTech® training should be risk free. We stand behind our courses with a no-hassle guarantee. It is our policy to let you try any course before you commit to quantity purchase. We know that you must experience this course in your environment to fully evaluate the benefits.

Order ALC products and request a no-hassle guarantee trial period. If for any reason you wish to return the product, simply send back the physical product along with a statement that you have destroyed any electronic or paper copies, and we will issue a prompt refund of the full purchase price.


  • LearnTech® training has been developed to be compatible with relevant industry standards such as IPC610 and S20.20.

Simplicity of technical management.

  • Choose to host or to let us host the server.
  • Access any available courses in seconds.

Simplicity of use

  • LearnTech® training courses use a simple to navigate interface.
  • Each course in the series has the same look and feel.
  • Language is scaled to about a grade 8 reading level, yet technically correct terminology is used throughout.
  • Students can arrow back at any time to review screens and then quickly arrow forward to their place. Ease of use is a top priority in design.


  • You can elect to begin with a small pilot project to test the concept with your learners.


  • LearnTech® training incorporates learning checks for immediate feedback to learners.
  • Module based tests provide feedback on every response for immediate information and enhanced learning.
  • Knowledge of results is provided at the end of the test.
  • Administrators have access to dates and scores of all tests.


LearnTech® offers a better ROI than alternative training methods on the same set of topics. How?

  • Our course materials are intrinsically motivational.
    • Learning sequences are highly organized.
    • Combinations of text, graphics, and interactive sequences are carefully designed for learning impact.
    • Learners remain engaged as they progress at an individualized pace.
  • Learning is compressed at least 2-1 when compared to standard classroom instruction.
    • For students to gain an equal level of understanding from 1.5 hours with LearnTech® would typically require a 3 hour or half day classroom session.
    • Multiply this time saved by the number of students in a class. Every time 40 students each save 1 hour, you have gained an entire work week!
  • Challenging, criterion-referenced certification tests measure in-depth understanding of the material.
  • Administrator as well as student time is significantly reduced.
  • The LearnTech® model combines maximum curriculum flexibility with low per-user costs.
  • Put a trained workforce back on the job in less time. Pocket the “lost-opportunity” cost!

The Pricing Advantage

Low per-registration pricing is based on volume.

Pricing is scaled for quantity – yet we will also provide financing terms if required. Departments, multiple locations, or other natural groups can "pool" their seats for quantity price breaks on one combined order. Ask for details, and let us provide a personalized quote to meet your requirements.

Email sales@automatedlearning.com or complete the quote form.