Lean Production and Training - What Can Lean Do For You?

Lean production consultants and practitioners who work with Automated Learning’s Lean training courses report remarkable productivity gains as well as reduction in costs through application of Lean production principles and practices in the workplace.

Lean production methods enable management of process conditions and product outcomes at the source, where the product is being made, while the product is being made.

Lean Production Gains Reported Include

  • 90% reduction in materials waste
  • 75% reduction in floor space 
  • 900% improvement in product quality 
  • 90% reduction in lead time 
  • 50% reduction in variable costs

The Lean Training Approach

Customers report significant gains as a result of ALC training programs, and appreciate our product quality, business value, and excellent service.

With the LearnTech® Going Lean Suite of courses, learners explore the principles and practices behind Lean production using an efficient, standard, just-in-time, learning process. These courses deliver a high-quality learning experience with considerable savings in time and cost. For the generic, core portion of your training, it’s "the Lean way to learn". We recommend, of course, that this approach be blended into a total Lean training program, human mentoring and teamwork are an essential part of implementing Lean production systems.

Lean Training Gains With LearnTech® Include

  • 100% consistent, accurate, standard content delivery - every time
  • 100% just-in-time training availability – always there when you need it
  • 40-60% reduction in time to training completion
  • 30-70% reduction in training administration time, effort and cost
  • 50% reduction in total cost of training
  • 100%+ ROI on training costs as a result of improved productivity

Leaner Yet - Delivering the Best-Cost Solution

  • Mix and match flexibility – choose the courses you need – any or all ALC courses
  • Loyalty Program “volume over time” discounts – more volume = greater savings
  • Risk free no-hassle guarantee – we stand behind our courses

Call for a quote - let us show you how you can "get lean" for less.