Who we are

Automated Learning Corporation® (ALC) is a premier-provider of corporate learning solutions and e-learning products that improve performance in the workplace. ALC’s LearnTech® products utilize the best in instructional design, with high levels of interactivity, careful attention to adult-learning principles, and skilled use of multi-media. 

ALC specializes in technical process training, serving a global market from North America to Hong Kong, with clients ranging from large multinational manufacturers to small, single location companies. ALC is committed to providing comprehensive, high quality, effective and easy-to-use learning solutions that deliver improved performance and business value. 

Our mission is to lead in the invention, design, production and development of innovative, engaging content that maximizes the learning power of multimedia to help organizations and individuals achieve consistently high results.

How we do it

Quality in training, like quality in any other endeavour, is achieved through a combination of process, tools, assets, knowledge, attention to detail, and extensive experience. Automated Learning developers are experts in delivering high quality, interactive, full-media, self-paced training that really delivers for you.

Our products are based on over two decades of experience with developing and testing a variety of e-Learning courses on every imaginable computer platform, and over thirteen years of working with enterprise level clients using current PCs and multimedia tools.

We have incorporated a multitude of innovative concepts stemming from a true understanding of the possibilities and limitations of multimedia platforms, customer needs and desires in e-Learning offerings, blended learning opportunities, and the demands of the training and learning enterprise.

Our instructional design process links workplace performance needs to learning objectives and content. We deliver relevant and efficient learning, better retention, and on-the-job results for you.

At ALC, we work closely with highly qualified experts to get the content right. We design courses that ensure effective learning, using quality graphic, animation, audio, and video media that motivate, and engage your learner’s attention. Multimedia uses more senses, adding intensity, and helping to accommodate various learning styles.

We designed the ALC interface to incorporate user-friendly controls structured to ensure that training takes place. Courses offer the flexible routing and self-paced delivery that your adult learners prefer. We take a modular approach to course content to provide just-in-time access and choice of path through the learning material to suit the individual’s needs. Our design provides on-demand repeat, refresh, and review of learning and presents a uniform standard interface to your learners for all courses.

Our courses feature interactive practice exercises and quizzes that provide immediate feedback and correction. Challenging, criterion referenced testing is keyed to the course objectives. We use testing techniques including graphic match, performance tasks, numeric or text response, and multiple choice to identify areas where additional training might be required.

Your ALC designed courses are available just in time, and can be scheduled to accommodate the needs of production, shifts, locations, and individuals. Your learners receive clear, consistent, standardized training, and can be brought up to speed quickly and economically.

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