Video: Lockout/Tagout

Course code: LOV  DVD Video Format   Length: 2635 min 

This Lockout/Tagout course is a DVD video format health and safety training program. It is intended for those working in a lab or production environment that require an understanding of the Lockout/Tagout procedures used in a hazardous energy control program.

  • Convenient as an individual learning resource
  • Ideal for instructor-led group presentation
  • Easy to use and designed for audience participation
  • Organized by chapters with discussion questions

The video Lockout/Tagout training course is perfect for group presentation. Your Instructor can choose to select appropriate material by chapter and pause playback as on-screen questions are asked. This provides an opportunity for group participation and discussion.

Comes complete with instructor guide, course evaluation, and a knowledge quiz that allows your instructors to train, test, verify, and certify that students have understood the content.


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Video Content:

  • Hazardous Energy as a workplace danger
  • Common forms of energy and hazardous energy in the workplace
  • Components of a hazardous energy control program
  • Government regulations relating to Lockout/Tagout
  • Lockout: The primary procedure in hazardous energy control
  • When Lockout should be implemented
  • Why Lockout is important in the workplace
  • Seven unique steps in a Lockout procedure
  • Group Lockout and correct Lockout scenario
  • Roles and responsibilities of personnel in the workplace
  • Authorization to perform Lockout
  • Impact and importance of visible communication
  • Tagout: Supporting role in hazardous energy control
  • How Tagout differs from Lockout
  • The Tagout process


  • Introduction and Hazardous Energy 
  • Roles and Responsibilities 
  • Seven-Step Procedure 
  • Tagout 
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    Included Bonus Instructor Resource Disk With:

    • LearnTech ® Video Training Instructor Guide
    • LearnTech ® Video Training Course Evaluation Survey
    • LearnTech ® Quiz Modifiable student format
    • LearnTech ® Quiz Instructor Answer and Scoring Key

    For secure automated on-line purchase of this Lockout/Tagout video course: Buy now online $399 USD

    Contact an ALC Learning Representative: How to Buy

    eLearning Versions

    Content of the Lockout/Tagout video training course is also available in our acclaimed LearnTech ® eLearning-format that features:

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    • Flexible online access -"always available" 24x7 across shifts, departments, locations
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    • Self-paced delivery – that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of learning
    • Individual on-demand training – no waiting for the class schedule
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    • Reduced demand on your expert resources to deliver instruction on the basics
    • Compliance with ISO and industry standards for training and qualification records
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