Lockout / Tagout

Course Code: LO
Delivery: Online
Languages: English


This Lockout/Tagout course is an interactive, multimedia, eLearning, health and safety training program. It is intended for those working in a lab or production environment that require an understanding of the Lockout/Tagout procedures used in a hazardous energy control program.


Participants successfully completing the program will be able to:

  • Identify hazardous energy as a workplace danger
  • Describe common forms of energy and hazardous energy in the workplace
  • Explain components of a hazardous energy control program
  • Explain government regulations relating to Lockout/Tagout
  • Identify Lockout as the primary procedure in hazardous energy control
  • Explain when Lockout should be implemented
  • Explain why Lockout is important in the workplace
  • Describe seven unique steps in a Lockout procedure
  • Describe group Lockout and correct Lockout scenario
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of personnel in the workplace
  • Explain who has authorization to perform Lockout
  • Describe the impact and importance of visible communication
  • identify tagout as having a supporting role in hazardous energy control
  • Explain how Tagout differs from Lockout
  • Describe the Tagout process

Qualification and Certification Testing

LearnTech® certification training incorporates interactive learning checks throughout the instructional sequences. Certification tests are criterion-referenced and module-based with feedback on every response for enhanced learning. The tests include a score bar to provide the learner with continuous status information. Administrative access to dates and scores of tests, certifications, and re-certifications is compliant with ISO quality-standards training requirements.

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