Certification Testing and Qualification

ALC's LearnTech® Online courses include certification via criterion referenced testing. What does this mean to you?

  • Training Certification programs are an ideal way to train and verify learning in key subject areas
  • Every course is systematically designed according to objectives identified by leading experts in both the specific content and in learning theory. Objectives are deliberately chosen to meet the learning needs of a target audience and to help the workforce within that audience apply learning to improve their performance on the job.
  • Each objective is carefully moulded into interactive learning sequences appropriate for the target audience.
  • ALC collaborates with a variety of industry experts, and does not, in any circumstance, restrict our methodology or examples to a single philosophy or vendor. Multiple reviewers from various companies and industries provide unbiased feedback. The course content references and complies with specific industry standards documents for the topic where applicable. For example,
    • ESD: Class 0 complies with the ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD control program guidelines as well as to JEDEC JESD625, IEC 61340-5, and IPC-610 ESD control standards.
  • Our focus is on accuracy, never on promoting a specific product.
  • Testing is designed to measure learner understanding of the learning objectives as taught. Testing is carefully reviewed to eliminate "trick" questions, and aims to present challenging, fair assessment so that a learner will not be able to pass without real knowledge of the content at the level presented.
  • The content in LearnTech courses is very important material, and companies cannot afford failures in the field related to shoddy training and testing, so the pass mark is set at 80%. With corporate LMS delivery, companies can specify the pass mark, and some have elected to move it as high as 90%!
  • For ALC hosted on-line delivery, ALC can, on request, provide a certificate of qualification with verified test score for a successful individual. This certifies that the individual has not only completed the course but has achieved the criterion 80% certification test grade.
  • You can be confident that a student who has earned a training certificate has demonstrated mastery of the specific theory as taught. We recognize that theory alone does not prepare a worker for an industrial job, and recommend that you blend theory training with appropriate local training, mentoring, and testing instruments including a skills checklist to test mastery of the physical skills required on the job.
  • With corporate LMS delivery, you should have administrative access to dates, test scores, certifications, and re-certifications that complies with ISO quality-standards, and specific industry standards requirements for training documentation.

Our mission is to make you successful through world-class training that really teaches, really qualifies, and really changes behavior wherever the worker interacts with the product. The best training requires both accurate content and specialized design, possible only when learning experts are involved throughout the course development cycle. You can count on ALC LearnTech certification to provide the accurate, engaging, standardized, process training your workforce needs for your corporate success.

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