Lean: Orange Belt Training Program

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Delivery: Online
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What is a Lean Orange Belt?

A Lean Orange Belt is an individual with broad training in Lean principles, techniques and tools, and an understanding of how these principles, tools, and techniques might apply directly to his or her workplace. The Lean Orange Belt is well qualified to participate and contribute as a full member of a Lean improvement team. As an Orange belt, you will demonstrate leadership, and mentor and assist other team members who have less Lean training and knowledge. For most improvement activities you will work with and support a Team Leader who has a Green or Black belt and/or extensive practical experience in applying Lean in the workplace.

This Lean Orange Belt training is a flexible program that offers you the opportunity to learn on-line at your own pace, and includes both on-line interactive e-learning courses and practical hands-on exercises. These exercises are designed to be completed in parallel with the interactive courseware in order to help you apply on-the-job what you have learned. As such, they are to be approved by your manager or Lean Team leader prior to submission to ALC.

The Orange Belt supports Lean Process methodology. Through this exercise, you are provided guidance in examining the workspaces you inhabit, opportunities to consider upstream and downstream interactions, and a format for enhancing Lean discussion with your team leadership.

On successful completion, you receive a Professional Lean Orange Belt Certificate and full academic achievement transcript listing your marks for each of the courses taken, and confirming completed application exercises. This qualification is portable and we can provide verification for an employer or prospective employer as needed.


The Lean Orange Belt is comprised of a set of interactive, multimedia, training courses together with practical application exercises. These on-line courses and exercises are intended for managers, administrators, senior operators, technicians, engineers, and trainers who require comprehensive training in Lean, and its application, to prepare them to contribute in a Lean process workplace.

Requirements for the Lean Healthcare Yellow Belt Certificate

  • Nine required courses that include core fundamentals and specific techniques of Lean practice
  • Completion of all nine courses including assessment testing for each course
  • A minimum academic mastery level of 80% achieved on all assessment testing
  • Satisfactory completion of all applicable application exercises signed or initialed by a manager.

The cost for the Lean Orange Belt Program includes nine courses, practical hands-on application exercises, administration, certificate, and transcript.

You will have access to your courses for one full year.

Lean Orange Belt Program Content

Core Fundamentals of Lean – Required Courses

Introduction to Lean Concepts

Introduction to Lean Tools

Value Stream Mapping

Kaizen Events

5S Workplace Organization

Visual Controls

Specific Lean Techniques and Tools – Required Courses

Mistake Proofing

Quick Changeover

Total Productive Maintenance

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Implementing Lean in Your Organization

Does your organization require comprehensive Lean knowledge across locations, departments and levels?

The Lean Yellow and Orange Belt programs are flexible and cost –effective ways to deliver consistent Lean body of knowledge training across the enterprise. This can aid in an initial rollout of Lean practices as well as sustaining and embedding Lean in the organization’s culture for the long term.

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