Component ID: Capacitors

Course Code: CID-CP
Delivery: Online
Languages: English


One of a series of short interactive multimedia courses on component identification. These two short interactive multimedia courses on capacitors are for electronic assembly operators and others, who deal with electronic components in their work. You can "mix and match" courses to create a custom curriculum to meet your training needs. Courses are available for individual or company purchase.

Objectives For Capacitors 1 - Introduction:

Participants successfully completing the program will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose and general construction of a capacitor
  • Identify schematic symbols and board markings
  • Describe the action of AC and DC electricity on a capacitor
  • Identify the units of capacitance
  • Decribe voltage rating
  • Describe polarity and tolerance

Objectives For Capacitors 2 - Capacitor Types:

Participants successfully completing the program will be able to:

  • Identify relevant capacitor markings and values
  • Explain the purpose of a variable capacitor
  • Describe the types, values, markings, and orientation of variable capacitors
  • Explain the impact of incorrect orientation

Qualification and Certification Testing

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