Video: Ergonomics in the Workplace

Course code: ERWV  DVD Video Format   Length: 26 min 

This Ergonomics course is a DVD video format health and safety training program. It is intended for those working in a lab or production environment that require an understanding of principles and procedures used in applying ergonomics to the workplace.

  • Convenient as an individual learning resource
  • Ideal for instructor-led group presentation
  • Easy to use and designed for audience participation
  • Organized by chapters with discussion questions

The Ergonomics in the Workplace training course is perfect for group presentation. Your Instructor can choose to select appropriate material by chapter and pause playback as on-screen questions are asked. This provides an opportunity for group participation and discussion.

Comes complete with instructor guide, course evaluation, and a knowledge quiz that allows your instructors to train, test, verify, and certify that students have understood the content.


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Video Content:

  • The nature and role of ergonomics in the workplace
  • Implications to health and productivity posed by WMSD
  • Signs and symptoms of WMSD
  • Problems, solutions, and actions related to the working position
  • Identify ergonomic problems that can occur in the workplace
  • Proper adjustment of ergonomic seating
  • Reporting signs, symptoms and hazards, making recommendations to reduce hazards
  • The steps to take to prevent and control WMSD


  • Introduction 
  • Seating 
  • Work-Related MSD 
  • Reporting Problems 
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    Included Bonus Instructor Resource Disk With:

    • LearnTech ® Video Training Instructor Guide
    • LearnTech ® Video Training Course Evaluation Survey
    • LearnTech ® Quiz Modifiable student format
    • LearnTech ® Quiz Instructor Answer and Scoring Key

    For secure automated on-line purchase of this Ergonomics video course: Buy now online $399 USD

    Contact an ALC Learning Representative: How to Buy

    eLearning Versions

    Content of the Ergonomics video training course is also available in our acclaimed LearnTech ® eLearning-format that features:

    • Automated registration, tracking, testing, certification – for reduced administration time
    • Flexible online access -"always available" 24x7 across shifts, departments, locations
    • Latest video and interactive multimedia technology – for interest, involvement and fun
    • Self-paced delivery – that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of learning
    • Individual on-demand training – no waiting for the class schedule
    • Reduced language barriers for students – with other languages available
    • Shorter student away-from-work training time – that lowers training costs significantly
    • Reduced demand on your expert resources to deliver instruction on the basics
    • Compliance with ISO and industry standards for training and qualification records
    • Standardized training - consistent, accurate reliable content every time
    • Convenient easy to use training - point and click to learn, it's that simple