Video: ESD: Field Service

Course code: ESDFV  DVD Video Format   Length: 49 min 

This course is intended for IT and field service technicians, service managers, and repair personnel who handle ESD sensitive boards and devices outside of facilities that have permanent ESD protected areas and systems.

  • Convenient as an individual learning resource
  • Ideal for instructor-led group presentation
  • Easy to use and designed for audience participation
  • Organized by chapters with discussion questions

This video ESD training course is perfect for group presentation. Your Instructor can choose to select appropriate material by chapter and pause playback as on-screen questions are asked. This provides an opportunity for group participation and discussion.

Comes complete with instructor guide, course evaluation, and a knowledge quiz that allows your instructors to train, test, verify, and certify that students have understood the content. Meets the training requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Participants taking this course should have a basic knowledge of static electricity, it’s generation, and how ESD damage is caused. The course assumes some familiarity with ESD concepts such as: dissipative, conductive, resistive, insulative, ionization, polarization, and induction.

For more on these concepts, we recommend the LearnTech ® courses: "ESD: An Introduction" or "ESD: See It! Believe It! Control It"

Video Content:

  • Characteristics of field service environments and ESD failures
  • Understanding of ESD definition, threats, and prevention
  • "Controlled grounding" as the preferred way to remove static electricity
  • Function and use of items that should be in an ESD field service kit
  • Use of personal grounding devices in field service applications
  • Safe storage, transportation, handling of circuit boards
  • Procedures for setting up a temporary EPA in the field
  • Re-packaging of assemblies removed during field service
  • Callbacks in field service and communication with the customer


  • Introduction 
  • Setting Up a Temporary EPA 
  • Field Service Environment 
  • Working In a Temporary EPA 
  • The ESD Field Kit 
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    Included Bonus Instructor Resource Disk With:

    • LearnTech ® Video Training Instructor Guide
    • LearnTech ® Video Training Course Evaluation Survey
    • LearnTech ® Quiz Modifiable student format
    • LearnTech ® Quiz Instructor Answer and Scoring Key
    • ESD Practical Skills Checklist

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    Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

    ESD related failures continue to cost electronics manufacturers millions of dollars every year. The cost of a damaged component, wafer, or assembly might be only a few cents or could reach several thousand dollars. When failure happens in the field, multiply this cost by 10. Production yields in the plant, product quality and reliability in the field, customer satisfaction: all affect costs and profitability. Is ESD training expensive compared to the alternative?

    Clearly, if your operation handles sensitive components, you must develop and sustain an "ESD culture". A culture where damage due to electrostatic discharge is prevented and where everyone who enters an EPA understands the causes of ESD damage, the controls for preventing it, and the consequences of failure to take every precaution.