Lean Services: Planning & Charters

Course Code: LSP
Delivery: Online
Languages: English



Planning & Charters is an interactive, multimedia, eLearning training program. It is intended for managers, operators, technicians, engineers, and trainers who work in, or are transitioning to, a Lean environment.


Participants successfully completing the program will be able to:

  • Describe Lean as a total system driven systematically by goals and vision.
  • Explain the role of Management in Lean implementation via cycles of activity guided by Hoshin or PDCA.
  • Describe the role, structure, and purpose of charter documents.
  • Describe the typical attributes of a Charter Document and how it relates to Kaizens of differing complexity.
  • Describe the use of the A3 chart and compare/contrast its primary characteristics to a simple Kaizen Charter.
  • Explain the analysis and planning components of an A3.
  • Explain the value of A3 for reporting results.

Qualification and Certification Testing

LearnTech® certification training incorporates interactive learning checks throughout the instructional sequences. Certification tests are criterion-referenced and module-based with feedback on every response for enhanced learning. Administrative access to dates and scores of tests, certifications, and re-certifications is compliant with ISO quality-standards training requirements.

ISBN 0-9736935-0-9

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