Circuit Card Assembly

Course Code: CCA
Delivery: Online
Languages: English


The first of three modular interactive multimedia learning programs for operators working in circuit card assembly. Companies have also found these useful for orienting other personnel to the overall manufacturing process.


Participants successfully completing the program will be able to:

  • Describe the overall circuit card assembly process
  • Identify the role of the operator in maintaining quality
  • Explain the function and use of process documents
  • Explain the differences between surface mount, through hole, and mixed technology assembly
  • Explain the key steps of surface mount assembly (SMA) including: paste print, component placement, reflow, glue dispense and cure, inspection, and rework
  • Explain the key steps of through hole assembly (THA) including: auto and hand component insertion, wave and hand soldering, inspection, and rework
  • Describe the main types of circuit card testing
  • Describe key processes supporting assembly including component preparation and kitting for SMA and THA, programmable device preparation, and point of use inventory management

Qualification and Certification Testing

LearnTech® training incorporates interactive learning checks throughout the instructional sequences. Certification tests are criterion-referenced and module-based with feedback on every response for enhanced learning. Administrative access to dates and scores of tests, certifications, and re-certifications is compliant with ISO quality-standards requirements.

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