The ALC Brand

Ideas on what our customers say about us

At ALC, we are personally committed to working with you to improve your corporate profitability ­ through process training that results in higher quality performance and lowers costs ­ while boosting your employee morale and confidence.

Current unsolicited ALC testimonials can be divided into three content areas – Quality of the learning experience, Business Value, and Service experience. These are what customers tell us they value, and believe we are delivering. This is in fact how our customers view us - our “brand image”.
Quick summary of quotes below… Full text of the Testimonials

Quality of the learning experience:

“self-paced, interactive, and "fun" 
“the material kept me engaged from beginning to end”
“a great way to ensure that relevant information is getting across”
“very effective in educating our shop floor employees”
“easy to use computerized format”
“Your training package is superb”
“variety of presentation methods throughout the course”
“constant testing and student participation”
“allows for both individual training and blended learning sessions”
“how much we enjoy the new training programs”
“It is working beautifully and the courses are very educational”
“how thorough the exams are”
“The video and audio is excellent”
“the staff seems to enjoy the training”
“I had very little trouble right from the start”
“the most complete and correct”
“simple and easy to follow format”
“For ease of use, flexibility and quality of material”
“It is exactly what we were looking for”
“comprehensive and easier to use”
“degree of knowledge obtained, and retained by the trainees”
“training is always consistent in content”
“a powerful and comprehensive training vehicle”
“an informative, relaxing and easy way to offer consistent training”
“to a diverse group of people with different time constraints and availability”
“study at their own pace, in a quiet area, with no disruptions, is a major benefit”

Business Value:

“our employees are better trained and that is helping in the quality of their work”
“flexibility of the learning method”
“does not require a dedicated instructor or classroom (Just-in-time learning)”
“allows us to maintain our competitive advantage”
“more educated and better-trained workforce”
“more flexible in our training schedule”
“The computerized records make record retention a breeze”
“increased the availability”
“our customers are the beneficiaries of the informative courses you provide”
“decreased the amount of time it takes to train them”
“saved my company time, money”
“increased productivity with shorter learning curves, … they will see quality gains”
“auditor was impressed with knowledge and awareness that a new employee has”
“requires little preparative work on my part and can be delivered on demand”
“avoiding scheduling conflicts”
“classroom and record keeping time is substantially reduced”
“allowing me to concentrate on surveillance, problem solving and development”
“made my job as a trainer and training coordinator much more rewarding”
“"Just in time and Just enough" education in a manufacturing environment”
“reduce impact on production and still provide quality training”
“training for the biggest bang for the buck”
“has worked wonderfully for new hires”
“able to sit down and take the course on their first day of employment”

Service Experience:

“Your support staff was great to work with and very responsive”
“there were a few network issues that they resolved easily”
“Keep up the good work and I hope you will share this with your staff”
“thank you for the service and quality that I have received while working with you” 
“second to none when it comes to flexibility for my training needs”
“a job well done”
“look forward to our continued personal and business relationship”
“thank you for your support and friendship over this past year”
“Thanks for being so helpful yesterday. I really enjoy working with you”

It’s always important to listen to your customer.

The ALC Brand Message…

From this we can conclude that our “Unique Promise of Value” and the “Brand” image includes not only the comprehensive nature of our training suites and their immediate availability for delivery, but also the Quality of the learning experience, Business Value, and Service Experience.

We provide a comprehensive, available, high quality, effective and easy to use learning solution that delivers improved performance and business value.

We understand the manufacturing business, and we target process improvement.
We work closely with customers to deliver solutions to business needs.
We provide great pre and post sales support.

Quality, Delivery, Value, Service