Lean for Services Training Resources

"…how do we really become a Lean company and what’s stopping us? A company is people. You can buy the machines anywhere, the differential is the talent I have in people. The more I invest in people, the more I develop in people, the stronger my company."
Norman Bodek, 
Lean expert and author

This suite of comprehensive interactive Lean training courses is intended for personnel involved in improving workplace organization through Lean techniques including managers, operators, assemblers, technicians, engineers, trainers, and Lean champions.

Lean Services Training Courses:

Lean Services: Concepts
Lean Services: Value Stream
Lean Services: Planning & Charters 
Lean Services: Kaizen Events 
Lean Services: 5S
Lean Services: Mistake Proofing
Lean Services: Achieving Flow


Lean Manufacturing Training Courses:

Going Lean: Introduction to Lean Concepts
Going Lean: Introduction to Lean Tools
Going Lean: Value Stream Mapping
Going Lean: Kaizen Events 
Going Lean: 5S Workplace Organization
Going Lean: Visual Controls
Going Lean: Mistake Proofing
Going Lean: Quick Changeover
Going Lean: Total Productive Maintenance

Going Lean: The Full Suite Course Bundle

Going Lean: Yellow Belt Program

Going Lean: Orange Belt Program


Video Lean Manufacturing Training Courses

Specialty Products:

Lean Training and Lean Certification Programs
Lean Healthcare Green Belt Certification
Lean Healthcare Training Courses Online

Lean in Chinese Versions:

Lean Training Courses in Chinese