Here's what individuals at 5 companies had to say about our ESD training:

Thank You for helping me provide our installers with such important and thorough information on ESD. Our company and our customers are the beneficiaries of the informative courses you provide. It is very rewarding to be able to present 'new' information to employees that have been in the industry for years.

Lisa B. Holloway, Installation Training
Lucent Technologies

The Education and Communications Subcommittee of the Lucent Technologies ESD Leadership Team has completed its evaluation of your Learnsoft CD-ROM interactive Learning course entitled "Electrostatic Discharge for Operators". It is the most complete and correct, at least in agreeing with Lucent's ESD program, that we have seen. The Education subcommittee has, therefore, recommended it to all of the ESD Leadership Team members who represent all Lucent Technologies locations.

William McFarland, Co-chairman Education and Communications Subcommittee
Lucent Technologies ESD Leadership Team

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the service and quality that I have received while working with you and your staff over the past year. You have been second to none when it comes to flexibility for my training needs.

With the recent purchase of the "ESD Prevention for Operators", I have increased the availability I have needed for training people with various schedules, and decreased the amount of time it takes to train them. This has saved my company time, money, and most importantly, I know that the individuals that have received the training are educated and up-to-date. As technology has slipped into the workplace, and internet access has become the norm, I have found the CD's much more beneficial to my needs. This has saved my company the added expense and inherent dangers of dealing with internet access worldwide. A CD is easy to maintain, consistent in it's content, and can be easily revised/replaced.

Thank you for a job well done, and I look forward to utilizing your services in the future.

Robert Gibbs, Field Engineer NAVY/USMC Programs
Raytheon Company

This is another great training video put together by a local company. This video is intended for engineers and techs and presents the information as such. It is a series of experiments that examine the truth and mythology surrounding ESD. After viewing this video, our ESD committee comprised of managers and engineers were speechless. This video showed them how easy an ESD event can occur. A must see for anyone who takes ESD seriously!

Chris Cousineau, Quality Support

ESD: See it!, Believe it!, Control it! Eye Opening, a wake up call in ESD myth slaying. The video enables companies to deal intelligently with the facts about ESD.

Mark Schmidt
X-Rite Incorporated

When I opened Intermec's (ISO 9001 Certified Company) "Skills Development Center" last year, I spend many hours researching through periodicals, ad's and catalogs for training material. There are 7 training computers in my classroom all devoted to training Intermec Technologies operation's team members in basic and advanced Electronics manufacturing skills. My goal has been to utilize these resources as "Just in time and Just enough" education in a manufacturing environment. As I'm sure you are aware, there is "push back" from production management to allowing groups of team members to leave the floor for training due to production's lost revenue and labour cost. To reduce impact on production and still provide quality training was and still is challenging. When I discovered your products through surfing the web, I had to immediately contact you and get one of your Demo CDs. After reviewing it with my Director of Operations, Managers, and Supervisor of Production I ordered my first training CD - "ESD Prevention for Operators". Its impact was, to say the least Amazing. It transformed our usual 2000 team members ESD class into "Just in time", and super awareness of ESD in the work place. I now run team members through these classes 1 or 2 at a time for an hour or so all day, every day with minimal hardship on production. As you know, I have purchased the whole suite of training CDs including Component ID, Circuit Card Assembly, Component Identification Wires, Boards & Connectors, High Reliability Solder and Rework, Mechanical Assembly and Inventory Practices. Your Company has made me look like a "hero" and I wanted you to know how much "LearnTech" has become a vital part of my training curriculum and has brought us all into the 21st Century with a powerful and comprehensive training vehicle. As I stated before, not only is it a challenge to bring quality skills development to the work place, it is equally as challenging to find the best way to deliver that training for the biggest bang for the buck. "LearnTech" has provided this for me. I want to thank you for your support and friendship over this past year and look forward to our continued personal and business relationship.

Gary Puckett, Sr. Training Coordinator
Intermec Technologies Corp.



*These testimonials are the opinions of the individual and might not reflect the opinions of the entire organization.