Comments by individuals from various companies about LearnTech® lean training:

I was impressed with the amount of information presented in an absorbable manner. This course provides information that is easy to comprehend and helps in launching the 5S initiative.

Toronto Transit Commission Salman Sher
Toronto Transit Commission

For the past three months, we have been using the LearnTech / LEAD modules, (5S and Visual Systems). We find this training method to be an informative, relaxing and easy way to offer consistent lean training to a diverse group of people with different time constraints and availability.

The fact that people can study at their own pace, in a quiet area, with no disruptions, is a major benefit. We are eagerly awaiting future modules to involve more employees and increase lean thinking and activity throughout our facility.

Tyco Healthcare Phil Ibbotson
Tyco Healthcare/Graphic Controls

Now that I've had the chance to review your 5S Training CD, I can offer the following comments:
* I found the learning to be self-paced, interactive, and "fun" as the material kept me engaged from beginning to end.
* The "questions" that are used throughout the course are a great way to ensure that the relevant information is getting across.
* I like the flexibility of the learning method as it does not require a dedicated instructor or classroom (Just-in-time learning).
* I believe that this Training system would be very effective in educating our shop floor employees, and their leaders, on 5S.

Needless to say, I was quite taken by your 5S offering, and would be willing to peruse any future educational developments.

Canada Post Wayne Bilan
Canada Post

I am trying really hard to offer some constructive criticism. I cannot find any, and believe me when asked I give. I know that I want and need negative comments on my work so that I can improve. I found no criticism.

Your training package is superb. I really liked the variety of presentation methods throughout the course, the constant testing and student participation, and the scoring system both during and after the evaluation/test.

May I wish you continued success, as you have a winner here.

Industry Canada Lorne Sweet, Manufacturing Industries Branch
Industry Canada

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