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Video ESD: See It! Believe It! Control It!

Course code: ESDSV      DVD, WMV Formats      Length: 23 min

  • Convenient as an individual learning resource
  • Ideal for instructor-led group presentation

As Ted Dangelmayer leads you through a series of experiments, you can examine the truth and the mythology surrounding ESD phenomena. You will actually “see” ESD events as they happen in real time. Believe your own eyes, and apply this knowledge to control potentially destructive static in your workplace! The training material addresses the needs of engineers and technicians in qualitatively and quantitatively understanding ESD threats to electronic components and assemblies.

  • Easy to use and designed for audience participation
  • Organized by chapters with discussion questions

This video ESD training course is perfect for group presentation. Your Instructor can choose to select appropriate material by chapter and pause playback as on-screen questions are asked. This provides an opportunity for group participation and discussion.

Comes complete with instructor guide, course evaluation, and a knowledge quiz that allows your instructors to train, test, verify, and certify that students have understood the content. Meets the training requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20.

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  • For secure automated on-line purchase of this ESD video course:
DVD format Buy now online    $399 USD
Network Edition .wmv format Buy now online    $999 USD

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Prerequisite Knowledge:

This course does not require any prior knowledge of electrostatic discharge.

Video Content:

  • Risks and economic impact of ESD
  • Equipment, procedures and demonstrations for a series of ESD events
  • Human Body Model demonstrations
  • Why wrist straps are important
  • Why simply "touching ground" doesn't work
  • Work surface demonstrations, conductive and dissipative
  • Safe removal of charge
  • Tote box demonstrations, metal and black conductive, safe or not? Rules for using totes
  • Myth of using "potholder" handling technique, ESD events
  • Demonstrations and simulation of CDM damage at a workstation
  • Catastrophic damage, partial damage, latent failure, double jeopardy discharge
  • Ionization and neutralization demonstrations, charged conductors and insulators, summary

Chapters: Sign in to access video course demos

  • Introduction
  • Controlling HBM Damage
  • Safe & Unsafe Work Surfaces
  • Using Totes
  • The Charged Device Model
  • Ionizers and Summary

Included Bonus Instructor Resource Disk With:

  • LearnTech ® Video Training Instructor Guide
  • LearnTech ® Video Training Course Evaluation Survey
  • LearnTech ® Quiz Modifiable student format
  • LearnTech ® Quiz Instructor Answer and Scoring Key
  • Practical Skills Checklist - ESD Control for Operators

Network Edition – WMV Streaming Video

  • Access "ESD: See It! - Network Edition" for individual or group viewing from your company’s internal Intranet, or LAN.
  • Plays on any networked computer with Windows Media Player v9.00 or later.
  • Uses Windows Media Video (.wmv) format for streaming access over your network.
  • Included are files that offer the video in two sizes, 640x480 pixels, comparable to DVD, and 320x 240 pixels, for slower computers and lower bandwidth use.
  • Licensed for single server, single location, streaming video access by your employees, on your local area network.

Content of this ESD video training course is also available in our acclaimed LearnTech ® eLearning-format.

Ted Dangelmayer has held leadership positions such as Chairman of the Lucent Global ESD Leadership Team, President of the International ESD Association, Chairman of the ANSI/ESDA Standards Committee, and General Chairman of the EOS/ESD Symposium. Under Ted's leadership, Lucent Technologies - North Andover, MA, was the first site in the USA to become S20.20 certified. At the time, the Lucent site had 2,000,000 square feet of floor space and 12,000 employees. The lead DNV auditor was quoted as saying "I've audited literally hundreds of ESD programs and, without a doubt, the Lucent program is the best I have ever seen. It's a world class benchmark, and you can quote me on that!"

He has published numerous magazine articles, technical papers and two books, ESD PROGRAM MANAGEMENT. Ted holds two patents, is NARTE Certified, and has successfully completed the ESD Association ANSI/ESDA S20.20 Course for Program Managers and Consultants.

He is currently President of the Northeast Chapter of the ESD Association and a member of the ESD Association International Council of Education and 2003 Technical Program Committee.



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