Automated Learning Corporation provides manufacturing training in Lean, Electrostatic Discharge ESD, Surface Mount SMT, Soldering, Electronic Assembly, Component ID, and more
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Manufacturing training for operators, technicians, engineers, and managers

There are challenges, and the competition is close behind.

You're striving to deliver superior enterprise performance.

And superior performance depends on training.

At Automated Learning we work closely with you to provide effective training solutions that help you meet your performance challenges.

ALC training reduces cost and improves performance. Our programs are flexible, self-paced, and fun to use. Customers appreciate our product quality, business value, and excellent service.

Custom designed and off the shelf manufacturing training courses Language Variant for ALC Training Lean Production Orange Belt Customers like our low cost, effective, LAN or Web based, manufacturing training. Whether you are OEM or EMS, our LearnTech electronic manufacturing training courses can help achieve your goals for qusality, cycle time, delivery, and cost.
Manufacturing Training in Lean, ESD, SMT, Electronic Assembly
      e-Learning manufacturing training

Enterprise Performance and Competency

The business environment today is competitive and challenging. You are faced every day with increasing customer wants, and needs, for quality performance. And you need to deliver:

  • Excellent quality in your products and services
  • Flawless on-time delivery
  • Ever-shorter delivery lead-time
  • Unmatched pre and post-sales service
  • Competitive pricing

Yes, there are challenges, and the competition is close behind.

Delivering superior enterprise performance requires an integrated systems approach. There are many factors and technical elements for you to manage. But one of the most important is the “competency” of your workforce.

Competency has been defined as the ability to successfully complete a task. That’s pretty simple - it’s not a matter of knowing "how to"; it’s really the ability to demonstrate "can do". And demonstrate it in the workplace. It is sometimes possible to hire competency, but more often it requires providing opportunities for learning, for development, and for training.

We expect that training will improve individual performance, change the ability of individuals to contribute. However on-the-job performance also depends on other factors that form a complex interconnected human performance system. For any system to produce a desired output, there are always a number of factors that must be managed, and while training may be an important requirement, it might not provide the whole solution.

Article: Lean Production, Six Factors for Human Performance


Corporate Learning Solutions

Is workforce competency and enterprise performance a concern for you?

At Automated learning we work closely with you to provide effective learning solutions that meet your unique needs. We’ve been involved in consulting, training, and learning systems development since 1981, and love to collaborate with your experts, in the real-world workplace, to create programs that deliver enterprise performance for you.

Specializing in technical process training, we deliver highly interactive, media-rich off-the-shelf and custom training that changes behavior in the workplace. ALC learning programs reduce cost and improve performance. Courses are flexible, self-paced and fun to use. Customers appreciate our product quality, business value, and excellent service.

Contact an Automated Learning representative to discuss your needs.

Automated Learning Capability

Automated Learning developers are experts in delivering high quality, interactive, full-media, self-paced training that really delivers for you.

Core competencies include instructional design; product development for Online web delivery; audio and multimedia video, including photography, sound recording, and voice coaching; graphic design, including 3-D and animation; and project management. We can provide development services from concept design and scripting to professional narration and multimedia development.

Projects have been implemented on standalone CD, LAN and the Web, including development within learning content management systems and export to SCORM-compliant LMS systems.

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